A beautiful rose

March 18, 2008

ups and downs
twists and turns
mystery through out
life goes on
life goes on
unknown to many
boring to some
joyride to few
misery to others
riding the rogue waves
wearing the same life jackets
with options plenty
all travel the same ocean
some reach land
some row on and on
some give up
some perish
some are clueless
while some leech on to others
on this vast ocean
where the only way is forward
life goes on
despite the storms
despite drifting aimlessly
life is a beautiful rose
blooming in the dark
note: darkness is the time when no one knows what happening. everything is the same, you only know what is in your hands. you cannot predict what will come up as you crawl in the dark.

  • Lalu December 2, 2009 at 4:32 am

    so true and so simple . whatever life may be and throw at you life will still be that beautiful splendour …..No matter what.