Intricate Web of Life

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my life has been one hell of an adventure so far
so many paths
so many obstacles
so many twists and turns

each path
led to the same destination

each obstacle
i fought
and made my way through
on to the same path i wanted to avoid

each step i took
i stumbled onto a new path
onto a new adventure
a brand new adventure with the same story
with the usual ending

my life became one big indiana jones adventure

given up on life
i banished myself into the forests
with a view to rebuild my life

lady luck deserted me long time ago
with hope and confidence
i slowly tried to weave my life back together
slowly and steadily
i started weaving

luck was never in my favor
the web that was to be my life
slowly gave away
one by one
the strands that made my web
fell down

one by one
i slowly rebuilt them
again and again

again and again
it was the same
over and over again

time has taken its toll
the life that i wanted to “weave”
now lay in tatters
the web that i built
is almost in ruins

against this bitter cold wind
determined to make a last stand
i barricade myself
and stand my ground on this lone strand (of web)
that is left of my “web”
hope is all i have
in this precarious position

all i can hope is
the web that i once nurtured with love and care
stays with me
all i can hope is
the web that is my life
does not turn into my final resting place
hope is all i have
hope is all i can hope

note: there are multiple meanings to this poem.

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