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In Search Of Destiny Door


My life is completely messed up,
Like a dark, thick soup lying in a cup,
No color, no life, just so still,
And the numbers of joys are always nill.

I am walking on a lonely road,
In the dark rainy night.
All I can see is the popping toad,
And the bat’s scary flight.

I don’t know what to do or where to go?
All I know that I am feeling very low.
Sometimes in this lonely and unreasonable journey,
I stop for a moment to think, WHY?
Why to me people always hate?
Why in my life joys and sorrows never equate.
Why does God; for me, never opens the gate,
Of his lovely and beautiful estate.
Where everything goes in it’s own routine,
And to hurt others, people are never keen.
Where people like me, never live,
As their life never rip.

But when unable to find answers,
To my unending Questions.
I start to walk again,
In that lonely and never ending lane.

Then like a shadow, I disappear…
Into the deep darkness, which is never, clear.
So on and on and forever, I walk,
With sorrows, ignorance, problems and no one to talk,
Just to find the DESTINY DOOR on which I can “KNOCK

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mikaya May 16, 2010 - 7:00 pm

I love this this so mee! couldn’t say it better


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