When i close my eyes


standing here at a break of dawn
watching the golden sun
slowly break out of its “trap”
i close my eyes

i close my eyes
and see images streaming in of
incidents, events, people
from the past and the present

the past just whizzes by
stopping only to remind me of
the mistakes that had happened
and those that i had once done

images from the present
slowly play themselves in a slideshow
things that happened yesterday
things that happened a minute ago

seemingly going on and on
it stops abruptly
it stops at an image
that is not part of me

a scene i had only imagined
of you and me together
under a moonlit sky
holding on to each other

in the darkness that
had engulfed me
you came in
and shone a light

no gunshots, no bloodshed
the darkness surrendered itself
to the light and
i fell in love with you

image courtesy: google.
i do not hold any copyright to it.

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