Looking out of the window,
as the sun slowly hides beneath the horizon,
the darkness creeps and crawls its way
upon the land;

i have been waiting for years,
haunted by memories,
going round and round,
in this vicious circle of life;Survive

as the music fades away,
i look around to spot any familiar faces,
it seems i am here all alone,
trying to make sense of this crazy thing called life;

how long does it take?
to solve this puzzle called life?
how much more longer,
if only i knew!

like a bird in a cage,
as i sit and stare into another day,
its getting harder and harder,
to be in control yet feel helpless;

yet, i have been waiting for years,
it made no sense,
maybe this is what my life is?

as i look into an unknown horizon,
the promise of a happy ending tempts me back,
and i choose to survive
to have another go at this thing called Life!

Title is inspired by the song “Survival” by the band Muse.
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