Some Days

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Sunrise Hope

some days i want to live
some days i wish it’s over
some days i long to see
some days i wait to die;

some days i think i am fine
some days i believe i have a problem
some days i am strong
some days i am weak;

some days i am closer to truth
some days it seems far far away
some days i think i understand
some days i am just lost;

some days i just wish
everything would disappear
some days i just hope
you could be near;

some days i have a feeling
one day everything
will be alright
and that day is closer
than ever;

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“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”  ~Author Unknown

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”  ~Author Unknown

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  ~Anne Lamott

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.  ~Author Unknown

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  • dipti said: (Tuesday December 30th, 2008)

    hey….nice poem……..sometimes even i feel the same!!!!!!!

  • tana said: (Sunday May 17th, 2009)

    nicely put

  • V... said: (Thursday July 2nd, 2009)

    its a lovely poem..

  • v... said: (Friday July 10th, 2009)

    re-read it…yes, it is! :)

  • miki said: (Sunday October 4th, 2009)

    wow….i liked it…as all these different kinda feelings..often come 2 my mind the same way,u described….keep it up.

  • kathy said: (Tuesday October 6th, 2009)

    Kind of reminds me of the one I wrote called ‘I have many faces’

  • Anorvan said: (Wednesday December 2nd, 2009)

    Dis Poem Reflects my life…!!! ;)

  • LYN said: (Sunday December 6th, 2009)

    HEY! Praveen u can do better than that! I think u were pretty depresed at the time u wrote this poem . I do the same! SO hope to see some livelier poems from u .

  • Shweta said: (Thursday January 28th, 2010)

    superb yaar…..
    wat an imagination…….

  • dee said: (Tuesday March 9th, 2010)


  • rose said: (Thursday May 6th, 2010)

    i want to shout it out very warm!!!

  • oshin said: (Saturday July 10th, 2010)

    its a sweet n lovely poem!
    it mostly describes everyone’s views and thoughts about there life!

  • TEBELLO said: (Tuesday July 27th, 2010)

    Its so brilliant, alive and real. I like it and it relates to everyone.

  • Pranjal said: (Friday October 29th, 2010)

    Its so so so brilliant

  • rohit said: (Thursday January 6th, 2011)

    i can also write in same manner …………………..
    need help …

  • megha said: (Monday February 28th, 2011)

    short and sweet

  • Rupesh Popli said: (Sunday April 24th, 2011)

    Somehow…now only after reading your poem…I can tell..its by you…u r great with words dude….

  • Some Days « shiroihanaa said: (Thursday August 25th, 2011)

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  • Nishant Verma said: (Thursday August 25th, 2011)

    Its a nice poem, describes all kind of situations in life. Great words

  • sanjana said: (Wednesday February 1st, 2012)


  • wangdi said: (Wednesday February 1st, 2012)

    awesome poem i love to read your poem please i personally request to you do not stop to wright

  • wangdi said: (Wednesday February 1st, 2012)

    nice poem i love to reak your poem

  • Praveen said: (Thursday February 2nd, 2012)

    Thank you.

  • Praveen said: (Thursday February 2nd, 2012)

    Thank you Sanjana.

  • Benny said: (Friday February 3rd, 2012)

    Some day all will account for the life given us !!!!!!!!

  • batul2000 said: (Friday March 9th, 2012)

    really luv dis poem i can relate it wid my own lyf
    gr8 work

  • Abtelli said: (Monday April 9th, 2012)

    Really beautiful poem. I feel the same way.
    Thank you.

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