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i stood there
punching some numbers
into the mobile phone
desperate to connect;

thoughts of you
flashing through my eyes,
the moment that i met you
is still stored in the memory;

one by one
just like everybody
the bug slowly crawled its way
and found a shelter within me;

it’s all wrong, it’s all right
my mind cannot make its mind up
my heart skips a beat the moment
your face lights up inside;

i have no idea what i am talking about
i have no clue what is it i am doing,
it’s off and it’s on, it’s off and it’s on,
one moment i am here and the next somewhere else;

i just pretended its not true,
i just hoped it is true,
it goes round and round
i cannot keep up;

i just wanna talk
just sit back and listen,
when you see me with those eyes
i’ve never felt like this before
you are all i need,
i’m naked around you
and it feels so right;
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