Do i have to say the words (original)

these are the original words for the poem. For some reason, i didnt like it and changed it to the previous version (that can be seen here)

its been a tough day
running from pillar to post
i am scarred by you
and i do not know what to do

got to go shopping
got stuff to do
got lots of things to do
and i do not know what to do

all alone with the tv blaring loudly
i hear nothing except the words you said
i pick the phone to call you right away
then i realize i dont have your number!

can’t believe i would fall again
can’t believe it would come to this
can’t believe my dreams would be filled by your thoughts
and i end up waking up wanting to see you everyday!

It’s a shame the weekend is two full days
two full days of living like a fish out of water
like a full moon on a black night sky
even in darkness your face is what I see

i don’t care who you are!
i don’t care what you did!
i don’t care about anything else!
except your present and our future

i miss you, i love you
with thoughts of you tattooed in my mind
with my words screaming your name
rescure me darling, do i have to say the words?

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