Come, Walk with me – Version 2

i was a lonely traveller
walking the path
that no one never dares to
that no one never dreams

i wandered lonely as a cloud
taking me where the path took me
taking me where the wind blew me to
i wandered like a long lost traveller

many a times
i was lost
many a times
i was wounded

still determined
to carry on
i pushed myself
to continue

i never looked left
i never looked right
like a bridled horse,
i only looked straight and carried on
on and on and on

until one day,
the path i was so long travelling
led me to a cross-road

i thought the path i was in
was mine and no one else would be here
it was my little secret path
or so i assumed

now standing in front me
with an outstretched hand
stood a stranger
in the middle of cross-road

an outstreched hand
with a sign
“come, walk with me”

i stand here on the edge
i stood still

do i stop here?
do i go back?
or do i go forward and walk the path with the stranger

i stood there,
looking at the sign
looking at the sign
that says
come, walk with me.

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  2. deepti singh..dehradun