Beautiful People

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I’m thankful for
the beautiful people
in the world
like you.

Beautiful faces are
those that wear
a friendly smile
that say, “I care.”

Beautiful eyes are
those that show,
the kindness and warmth
that glows below.

Beautiful lips utter
kindly words
that so the the soul
like the songs of birds.

Beautiful people
touch and bless;
they inspire hope
and happiness.

You will always be,
beautiful to me.

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  • Sara said: (Sunday April 20th, 2008)

    Who ever made up that poem must of been thinking positive and kind… I also like this poem because I get to dedicate this to alot of people that are really beautiful, kind and specail to me. So ii really loved this poem and its really sweet ii hope you will like the poems that ii make up ii mean iif ii ever make any up……. Sincerly, Sara

  • annalyze vasquez said: (Thursday July 9th, 2009)

    that is a beautiful poem. im 13 and i love it very much it touched me and i know it can touch many other people as well. who ever wrote that they did a wonderful job. and the good thing is that you can send it to tons of people that you think of them that way. =]

  • radhakrishna said: (Wednesday June 29th, 2011)

    no commnates
    very good works

  • terence brown said: (Tuesday October 18th, 2011)

    this poem is simple in dialect but is very meaning full, today i split with my girlfriend for more than year however we are patching things up im only 16 i have a life time ahead of me but i just want to know that this poem is beautiful it really brought a tear to my eye x

  • terence brown said: (Tuesday October 18th, 2011)

    you poem is beautiflul x

  • Tamara Welp said: (Wednesday March 13th, 2013)

    Thank you for this lovely poem. It captures my exact feelings for a person I’ve met…and it’s a beautiful feeling.

  • erica maples said: (Sunday April 7th, 2013)

    this poem i love the best, i think it has emotion, and that’s what i love to read in poems like this

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