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Love Is Never Silent


A loving heart, a gentle smile,
a warm and tender touch,
We give so many things in life
but nothing means as much.

A little inspiration
when someone loses hope,
A kind word of encouragement
when they no longer seem to cope.

A simple phrase, “I love you”
when no one else is there,
Taking hold onto a hand
in a little heartfelt prayer.

Love is never silent,
it has so much to say,
And it is our greatest blessing
when we give it all away.

by David L. Griffith

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1 comment

eriemorganmaples August 2, 2012 - 2:04 pm

wow that’s so true today, “love is never silent” what i got from that is that: love should have it’s voice, and it should speak what it has on it’s heart it should never ever be taken lightly by any-one or any-thing that should stand in it’s way.


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