May 16, 2008

i had plenty to say
i had to plenty to talk
words that once came gushing out
words that just wouldnt let this mouth close
now merely disappeared out of trace
i tried searching it in the bank
if i had mistakenly deposited it there
i tried looking into my piggy bank
if i playfully put it inside
i searched high and
i searched low
somehow, i couldnt find them all
after a long and hard night
that left me in disarray
i woke up to find them
strewn all over the place
little bit there
little bit here
some near
some far
i wondered
how is it possible
what i said so far
is what i said
what i said
is what i mean
maybe its the devil
thats playing a game
maybe its the devil
inside me
hidden behind these little black clouds
have i let loose the devil that once hibernated inside me
plenty of words
plenty of talk
replaced by the one
that once was me
once i was the devil
the title is once again a song by stereophonics.
this has multiple meanings, how u read it defines how it means to you.
the problem with thinking is, you get a **** load of ideas that you start writing them all immediately.

  • cherry May 4, 2010 at 8:46 am

    love it!!!!!!!!