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Tightly Knit


I see you there in the distance
far between a stretch of the unknown
Im standing, waiting here for you
in this haze I wont let you walk alone.

The minutes are moving faster now
the days continue to come and go
my mind is spacing, my heart racing
I am scared and I think you should know.

Do you see the mess swarming all around us?
can you feel the sickness going round?
the stench is rising from beneath somewhere
warning signs are pointing toward something to be found.

People are failing to remember to truly love
we get caught in instant gratification, in selfish love
there isnt enough room for all this impatience
we forgot this world is a place we are all part of.

There are wars, failures, and losses galore
Results of our concern on financial gain
What happened to values centered on care?
Now in failure, my friend, we will all suffer in pain.

Im twisting and turning and wringing with stress
the negative in this world I dont understand
Im caught up, Im scared, Im reaching for you
my beloved, my friend, lets walk hand in hand.

Even in this distance and stretch of time
between a past of pleasantries and a future we dont know
my soul has been marked with an imprint of you
so that in the darkness, for you I can glow.

Keep moving forward, there are many things to be done
there are plans ahead of us to which we must commit
so if, like me, you find you freeze knee deep in fear
remember no matter the construct, our souls are tightly knit

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