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There’s A Lot In Life


I look at now, i look at then,
my life has come to an end.
No one knows what it’s like,
i feel like stabbing myself with a dike.

Sick of the same things everyday,
i wanna make it all go away.
I don’t know what to do,
i wish i could be just like you.

Being able to do what i want is hard,
sometimes i feel like a peice of lard.

Nothing makes sence anymore,
i cry and cry pounding the floor.
It hurts inside that i feel so depressed,
maybe i need a little rest.

I know my friends depend on me,
is there something out there i don’t see?
Being alone is really tuff,
when will i get through all this stuff?

I’m hoping soon i’ll realize,
there’s a lot in life with open eyes

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Anjali October 6, 2011 - 11:59 pm

ya i agree with the poem as we should never give up with our life as we have a lot of things for to live.Our life is like the day after dark it is light means that there is always things for good so we have to wait with courage.All the best for all,they can live a long and happylife


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