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How Sweet To Hear

by Praveen Kumar

How sweet to hear at eventide
When still grows day and twilight nears
The song of thrush and blackbird,
Joy that falls so gently on the ears….
To celebrate another day
Of life and living, flying free,
To praise, as time of rest draws near,
Life’s wondrous ways and mystery.

And beauty fills the soul, they say,
With light that shines to bless the world
And help us through each given day
As Time’s rich purpose is unfurled,
In simplest terms, God gives us more
Than we shall ever realise,
To ease our way and sight restore,
To weary eyes.

How sweet to hear….how sweet indeed,
Each blessed day so gently given,
We choose our pathway as we need
To darker ways, or to the heaven,
That we alone create and form
By how we live and how we choose,
Through days of sunlight
And of storm….
That Hope renews!

By John McLeod

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