Colors of Life

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It’s a rat race
the whole thing
this whole thing we call life;Colors of Life

sometimes I laugh
I lay down in the space, I call my room,
close my eyes and see different colors
explode under my eyelids;

like fireworks
each of them representing another thought
another worry
another something
to keep my mind occupied;

I watch all those colors under my eye lids
I laugh
I laugh because every one of them
each of those little f***ers
has the capacity to ruin me;

like walking down the street
seeing all these strangers faces
you can’t help but think
‘any of these nameless souls
could ruin me’;

stick a knife in my back
gun to the head
befriend me and take my money
steal my art
suck the marrow out of the bones
that create me;

women can f*** me
and then break my heart
kiss me, love me
and leave me;

it’s a circus
the whole thing
one big charade
and we all go about
our daily lives
ignoring it;

ignoring the most obvious
most crucial
most blunt object
about this life;

the fragility
of each of our souls
of each moment we choose
to be present for;

some of us choose the grey
and color it with lots of alcohol
some choose their dreams
and knock down kingdoms to get there;

some build walls
and waste away
in a world only they know
but we all ignore it;

we ignore
the knife
the gun
the backstabbing
the theft
the f**k
the kiss;

until it turns on us
and then we ask why
but we knew why all along
because every one of those colors
exploding under our eyelids
the ones we never paid attention to
told us all along;

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