You and You Alone


at times i felt
i’ve come to the end of life
attempts to change
seems as futile as stupidity;

when the sun sets with a final red blaze
i tried to cross the borders of reality
into a world where my desires met
the dreams of tomorrow;

now i feel
i am on top of the world
nothing could go wrong
with my dreams coming true one by one
only time stands in the way of this one;

my whole life altered
in one single moment
giving a reason
for this mortal existence;

When you talk to me,
I feel like heaven when we talk,
I just can’t leave you
nor say goodbye to you;

So hard to write down
All I need to say
I find myself tongue tied
No right words come ’round
But each time I look at you
I hope you see it in my eyes
The love that shines for you;

searching for that longing touch
from the moment I looked into your eyes,
I knew my life was about to change,
i knew the love that i carry is
for you and you alone;

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You and You Alone written by Praveen Kumar average rating 4.4/5 - 129 user ratings
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