When The Storm Comes Around

should you find yourself at the captains helm
as everyone around you is jumping ship
do not lose your stride
dont miss a step
because I will be right beside you braving the storm

as the cruel dark clouds loom just above the bow
and the torrential rains begin to fall
your nerves may get the best of you
but that is perfectly natural.

all you must do is reach out and take my hand
I will calm those panicked thoughts causing your mind to spin
I will stand at your side through hurricane force winds
and together we’ll be able to keep our footing.

though life may attempt to send up to the ocean depths
together we will survive this hellish night
to see the sun again.

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  • Hi, it reminds me of the song,”That’s What Friends Are For” let me quote one line…In good times and bad times I’ll be on ur side forevermore!

    A very inspiring poem for someone who cares enough to help you no matter in all season, especially during storm. Thanx for sharing ur poem.

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