Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun

Sitting in the dark of the night,
in the midst of loneliness,
reminiscing over memories of the days gone by;

i used to frolic around,
freely and without a worry,
i used chase my dreams
until the end;

now every second of my life,
is spent battling the demons,
trying to shed and escape from the shackles that
life has thrown over me;

my world feels like its falling apart,
as darkness roams freely within my mind,
my tears of joy has now turned into tears of despair
trapped in this mortal existence;

lying in the dark of the night,
waiting for the sun (light),
waiting for my chance to be free (once again),
i am waiting and hoping;

i look up at the dark sky,
filled with the stars and moon,
for a sign,
desperately longing for a glimmer of light
in this darkened world of mine;


image by GeoArcus

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