Those Eyes

Can you peer through those eyes?
The radiance must be blinding.

As I gaze into them I’ve come to understand
what the ancients must have felt,
looking up toward the shimmering night sky.

All the mysteries and wonders of life
are clearly reflected, as is the light.

And even if I’d never be sure
just what chemicals kindle a stars faithful burn.

I would still spend every night
dreaming up poems about your eyes.

3 comments On Those Eyes

  • Hi,
    m too happy today, i got who can walk with me, this words(poems)
    this poems inspire me a lot. thakn u so much, and i like to ask how can i uploads my poems.

    Thanks & regards,

  • I really inspired by this poem.I got a new direction by study this poem.I hope everyone enjoy this poem if he know the meaning of this meaning.

  • Love this poem

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