Their Wait…

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The pinaacle awaits your arrival,
Even as you upon stones still stumble.

Happiness wants to rest by your side,
While you are struggling through a sorrowful ride.

Confidence wants to adorn you head,
When you feel you are as good as dead.

Love is waiting to embrace you forever,
Even when you feel hate wont leave your life ever.

Perfection wants to pave your way,
While nothing goes your way every day.

HE is waiting to gift you with all you want,
While the horror of ‘losing it all’ to you begins to haunt.

So what are you waiting for
Everytime you feel you have reached the dead end,
Bear in mind that you have to end their wait,
And give your life a whole new bait.

~ Thanks Maithilee for this Contribution ~

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  • erica maples said: (Sunday November 4th, 2012)

    this poem is so good i love it please write more poems so that we all can read them please :)

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