My Online Best Friend

A simple poem dedicated for my friend that I met 5 years ago online, and almost a year now that we haven’t talk anymore. I just wonder where could he be ,but I wish that he is okay. I wish he will read this.

This is for you best friend.

There is this man I met on net.
He was so young and yes, so sweet.
He’s loving, kind and cares for me so much.
He is so nice and understand me well
His friendship I know is real.

He is not afraid to tell me, when I’m wrong.
He inspires me and tells me to stay strong.
He never forgets to send me off lines.
He keeps his id for me, always online.

Sachin is the name I wonโ€™t forget.
Knowing him well, I know I wonโ€™t regret.
I may find another friend here on net.
But Sachin is the name I wonโ€™t delete.

Some friends may come and others may go.
But I’m always here, I’m sure he knew,
So come what may- or what other may say,
Sachin will always be a real best friend to me.

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