MemoriesMemories are…
Old photographs left alone in an
ancient album conveying,
love, family, friendship in
Past happy occasions.
Previous flashbacks recalling,
dreadful, frightening moments.
A loved ones treasures that brings,
such pleasure to the one who inherits them.

Memories are…
An old burnt down house,
that reveals some startling secrets,
which now has Become a new home.
An child hood friendship,
which is broken apart.
Unforgotten letters which
Remind others that they are loved and their,
presence is still here.
An family pet first getting
Its licence and now it is buried graved.

Memories are…
People who had captured happy and sad,
moments of their life.
The key important events that
happened like the first Word ever spoken,
As a baby or the first foot steps being taken.

Memories are…
never washed away, they are
the keys that opens every closed closet.

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