I Wish I Could Fly

Wish i Could Flylonely and sad my mood again swings
with a wish that if I had wings
in a flash I would fly
high and high in the sky

happy and free in the clouds
where glee and joy knew no bounds
to a land unknown of grief and dismay
and make my heart feel happy and gay
where anger and frown never stayed a while
and faces around were glued with a smile

but in my head now i hear a scream
its time to come out of the dream
into the world full of bodies without a soul
and in their hearts a deep dark hole

this is nothing but a pity
that now I’am back into reality
with no clouds around and no wings
stress and boredom is all that stings

lonely and sad now I silently cry
I wish I had wings and I could fly..!!!


image credit:- lillyfly06.deviantart.com/art/Sometimes-i-wish-i-could-fly-52571121

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