Hand in Hand

There is nothing left to do,
everything that was once mine,
is someone else’s and my heart is now
empty, just an empty cavity;Hand in Hand

there’s nowhere left to hide,
there she stood,
watching and smiling,
ready to pounce on me;

as i walked away from her,
slowly at first, she started to follow me,
so i ran, i ran as fast as i could,
but there she was, just a few feet away;

back home and in my sleep,
she was there hauting me in my dreams,
her face, her laughter and her voice, echoing through
the subconscious mind ;

the memory of her beauty remains etched in mine,
i wake up to find her gone, i searched the places i had been to yesterday,
but i could not find her, not a trace;

as i walked back home wondering what happened to her,
i realized the place where my heart once stood,
has something new, something that was not there before;

she stole my heart,
and in its place, she gave me hers,
and in a flash of a moment, there she was,
standing and smiling next to me,
hand in hand, up on cloud number nine;


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