i lie here,
exhausted and tired,
chasing one dream after another,
over here and over there;

i sit quietly, alone in this room,
with a smile to hide the demons inside me,
trying to take control and trying to
break the silence and the smile from within;

one by one, i push them all away and
i push (suppress) them all down,
way down so that they don’t rise up again,
but each that goes down, two rises up;

feeling exhausted and feeling dead from within,
i struggle and i struggle through this life,
hoping for a silver lining,
as i keep fighting the demons – inside my head and outside in life;

smiling for the world, crying and fighting within,
the demons inside of me desperately try to get into my head,
for once they are in, the walls will crumble down,
no more resistance against the darkness;

too afraid to go to the other side,
i am not ready, not yet,
i harden my heart, harden my soul and buckle up
for a long and bloody battle;


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Change of Heart

Colors of Life

Colors of Life

only for you and I

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